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About Us

Experience and ability create expertise. We're not just "another" digital agency. We actually own and operate multiple ecommerce brands, and we use the knowledge we acquire from operating our own brands to help others launch, expand or improve their online presence.

Product, Process and People; these are the three squares of business that we focus on:


PRODUCT: What is your product? What problem does it solve? What makes it stand out?

PROCESSWhat does your current process look like? What channels do you use to promote and sell your product? What are the strengths and weaknesses of your current process? 

PEOPLEWhich market/industry does your product address? Who are your customers/users? What does your team look like?


THREESQUARES specializes in digital strategy. Let us analyze your business and create a specialized plan to help create, improve and advertise your online presence.

Whether you're looking for some hands-on help or a strategic advisor, we're here for you.

We are a collective of entrepreneurs and experts able to support our clients from A to Z in the construction of their brand and online experience. At the core, we are strategically led and creatively driven in building the right solution.


THREESQUARES was created with one purpose in mind: helping businesses reach untapped potential. We wanted to create a collective of entrepreneurs, whom have crafted their skills in the marketplace, that would help other entrepreneurs. None of that "I have an MBA, but I have never owned a business" sham.

THREESQUARES was created for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs.


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